TheNonstopLab is a Think Tank

Working in a creative think tank for a few years early in your career is a plausible way to to find your own unique style of art for the better, and in the meantime gain skills and contacts to advance your future career in Design, Media and Broadcast or elsewhere, while doing work that’s often fulfilling.

Those with either great skills in Digital Art, or the ability to synthesize and communicate ideas clearly, should think carefully about how well it compares relative to their other opportunities, such as working in the entertainment industry.

Here we mostly consider the merits of working at a think tank for 2-5 years, for someone between the ages of 21-35.

We have heard that it is typical for young people to work at think tanks for a period of years and then leave to pursue further education or experience elsewhere; it can be hard to be promoted far up the organization without leaving at some point.

We have also heard from people inside think tanks that in recent years think tanks have put more focus on promoting their ideas through online and social media, potentially creating better opportunities for people strong on visual communication or outright original content.